The FGC Lacks Cohesion



I don’t suppose I should resurrect restart my blog with something that’s controversial, but I can only really talk about what’s going on in my internet circles and frankly, the Fighting Game Community (FGC because I am a lazy typist) has started 2012 with a fatal dose of sodium. (more on why this is fatal a little later in the post)  The reason they’re so salty is that EVO has announced the games that will be featured at the 2012  tournament. My gawd, I’ve never seen so many different fighting game fans get mad.  So here’s the official list:

EVO 2010 Lineup source: SRK

  • Street Fighter X Tekken
  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Version 2012
  • Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  • Soul Calibur 5
  • King of Fighters 13
  • Mortal Kombat 9

The main point of contention is the inclusion of Street Fighter x Tekken. It’s a new game, without an established community, with a controversial mechanic of  ‘Gems’.  The gem mechanic is mainly looked down upon by tournament organizers as a logistical nightmare, as a lot of the gems will be DLC, and possibly console or retailer exclusive. Seth Killian says a little about it here

Seth Killian Talks Gems

Tekken and BlazBlue players are both super pissed about this about this perceived slight.  BB players seem to be the most vocal though. However, for all their shouting, they don’t show up at tournaments.   There’s a long (but good) response to the BB community here

No BlazBlue at EVO 2012

The bottom line (to me) about the inclusion of SFxT is that it’s a political move. Capcom always has a strong presence at EVO and shows strong support for the FGC. (Ono’s trolling and all). In addition, since Tekken 6 is so old at this point, that having SFxT as a main game keeps the Tekken franchise and characters fresh in people’s minds.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harada starting to plug Tekken x Street Fighter at EVO. Since SFxT has a release date, it stands to reason that Namco would finally begin working on their version.

Now, everyone that got “their game” in at EVO is pleased, but the BB community is mad, Tekken community can’t be too terribly pleased and Capcom game players just continue to take huge dumps on Mortal Kombat 9. FOR NO DISCERNIBLE REASON.  Now, stuff like this is why the FGC is going to continue to be very, very niche in the world of competitive gaming. There’s no cohesion in the community at all. Check just about any thread on a fighting game site and it takes all of about three posts till the comments degenerate into one or all of the following:

  • You know what would make this game better? If it played like Street Fighter
  • Anime games suck and are for weeaboos
  • Why is this being posted at SRK? No one plays _____. (Right now MK is often in this spot)

and the like.  I get it, you spend a lot of time getting good at “your” game.  I understand it’s hard to put the necessary hours into a game that it requires to get decent at it. However, it doesn’t make the other game that you don’t play, bad. It’s just different. This is not a bad thing. IT’S OKAY FOR PEOPLE TO LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? I was so happy when I saw some high level players give props to Dream Cancel and Orochinagi (KoF sites) for the inclusion of KoF XIII in the main games of EVO, but then almost immediately bitching started about what wasn’t being played. The venue is huge. Just because “your” game on the main stage, you can bet your ass it’ll be played as a side tournament somewhere in the building.  There is no slight here. Shut up and give another game’s community a pat on the back, dammit.

Just last night I went into the local Gamestop to pick up a game and continue to pay down Soul Calibur V. I always chit chat about fighters with the guys there.  There was one guy who plays pretty much everything, and the ASM was a HUGE MK9 fan. They were both really happy about the lineup. I mentioned the lack of BB and the subsequent complaints. Their response? “Fuck BB.” Therein lies the problem. It’s all finger pointing and “Fuck that guy.” There needs to be none of this. We need to come together and maybe that way the community can grow properly. Until then the FGC will never get far because we’re too busy tearing each other down.

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  1. Well said. I never understood why fans of one fighting game shit on other games. Probably because that kind of attitude is encouraged… it’s self-perpetuating.

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